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Disciples of the Empty Tomb

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Disciples of the Empty Tomb

 Author: Brandon Renfroe  Category: Jesus, Resurrection  Pages: 106  Country: USA  Language: English

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event in history. It is also the very heart of Christianity. As Josh McDowell once noted, “If Christ was not raised from the dead, then nothing else matters: our resurrection, the church, or Christianity.” He’s right. In Disciples of the Empty Tomb, Brandon Renfroe examines the significance of Christ’s resurrection. He defends its historicity against skeptical attacks and explores its implications for our daily lives—and beyond.

Brandon Renfroe is a teacher. He has served in various church settings since 2001 and in the public school system since 2005. He loves people. His passion is to learn as much about Jesus Christ as he possibly can and share those truths with others. He resides with his family in Dekalb County, Alabama.

Available for $5.95 through Amazon.

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