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Common Sense Religion

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Common Sense Religion

 Author: Brandon Renfroe  Category: Bible, Teen Studies  Publisher: Publishing Designs, Inc.  Country: USA  Language: English

Common Sense Religion is a book for teens written by Brandon Renfroe and published by Publishing Designs, Inc. The eight chapters that follow a Foreword by the late Wayne Jackson and the Introduction are divided into two sections. Section One lays the groundwork and Section Two makes the application. It provides a framework from which one may draw reasonable conclusions and puts divine truths about salvation and worship within grasp. The author says, “The Bible was written to be understood by schoolboy and scholar alike and can be understood, if we will put forth the necessary effort.”

Brandon Renfroe is a gospel preacher and public-school teacher. The native of Piedmont, Alabama, has served in various church settings since 2001 and in the public school system since 2005. This is his first book, published in 2006.

Common Sense Religion is $4.95 and may be ordered from Publishing Designs, Inc.; P.O. Box 3241; Huntsville, AL 35810, through the website at The phone number is (256) 533-4301.

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