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New Fiction

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Drew Kizer’s new collection of short stories works like a series of parables that confront readers with important questions, such as, “What’s┬ámy deepest need?” “Why do we suffer?” and “What’s the value of sacrifice?” In this unique offering, Kizer entertains, but he also prods our hearts, touching us in that place only stories dare to go–into the recesses of imagination and soul.

Read these stories, and you will meet a reluctant seer who poisons himself to stop the visions from invading his sleep. You’ll follow an old man leading his red heifer to the sacrificial grounds. You will see miracles and travel through time.

Hardback retail price: $25.00 each

Paperback retail price: $14.99 each

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Drew Kizer is a minister, podcaster, and writer. His nonfiction work includes Dangerous Playground: The Christian and Social Media and Christian Hope. He has also written a fictional narrative on the life of Jacob entitled Favored Cheat. Drew’s two-decade experience as a local minister and personal struggle with Parkinson’s disease lend him insights into the joys and struggles of faith. He lives outside Birmingham, Alabama, where he has been preaching for the Ashville Road Church of Christ for more than twenty years. He and his wife, Julie, have two children, Ava and Jackson.

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