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1. A Book – Nehemiah illustrates that a book is wonderful thing.
2. A Call to Purity of Life – Nehemiah chapter 13 is a call to purity of life.
3. A Motto for Life – A keynote for conduct is not fear of the crowd, but fear of the conscience.
4. A Great Work – In working for God, let us learn from Nehemiah and his noble band of laborers.
5. A Pillow of Rest – When we know that God is pleased with us because we do His will, we are encouraged. Nehemiah 5:19
6. Nehemiah, Profile of Strength – Nehemiah epitomized every characteristic a great leader must have.
7. One Whom God Cannot Forget – Nehemiah was remembered because of his zeal in prayer and purpose.
8. Our Great God – The prayer of Nehemiah recorded in Nehemiah 9 is the longest in the Bible. In it, Nehemiah declares the greatness of God.
9. Penitential Sorrow – When the people of Israel understood the words that were declared to them by Ezra the scribe, they were grieved (Neh. 8:9-12).
10. Posthumous Influence – One’s influence continues after he dies. So it is with David.
11. Practical Lessons from Nehemiah – A list of fourteen (14) practical lessons from the book of Nehemiah
12. Preparation – Nehemiah spent three days in retirement before entering a work that would require all of his powers.
13. Reacting to Bad News – Nehemiah’s bold and positive reaction to bad news was prayer.
14. Reacting to Ridicule – When ridiculed, remember Nehemiah 4 and overcome.
15. Reading the Law – From Nehemiah 8 we may learn how the word of God should be handled in an assembly.
16. Sacred Singing – The worship that praises and honors God has certain characteristics.
17. Satan Strategies – The enemies of God use three common ways meant to confuse and destroy.
18. Spiritual Composure – In Nehemiah 2 we have a remarkable illustration of religious presence of mind.
19. The Answer to Americas Problem – The answer to the problems of the Jewish nation was revival. That is the answer to America’s problem today. Nehemiah 9:35-37
20. The Attitude of Gratitude – An attitude of gratitude has power. Nehemiah 9:1-38
21. The Dedication of the Wall – As soon as possible after the completion of the wall, a joyful celebration of the event was made. Nehemiah 12:27-43
22. The Devils Devices – We must not be ignorant of the devil’s strategies. Nehemiah 6:1-16
23. The Family – In the Old Testament, the family was a household, kindred, a division of a tribe, or a nation. Nehemiah 7:5-65
24. The Good Old Days – The young place the “golden age” in the future; the old place it in the past. Nehemiah 12:46
25. The Heart of a Servant – Nehemiah was a man with a servant heart. From Nehemiah 1:1-11, we learn something about the kind of heart a servant heart is.
26. The Importance of Passion – When passion is lost, other important things are lost as well. Nehemiah 8:1-6
27. The Initial Stages of a Great Reformation – There are certain things without which reformation cannot happen. Nehemiah 2:9-20
28. The Intercessory Prayer of Nehemiah – Nehemiah’s prayer of Nehemiah 1:5-11 was an intercessory prayer, that is, a prayer offered to God on behalf of others.
29. The Kind of Preaching We Need – There is not any more important challenge today than to have preaching from the pulpit that pleases God. Nehemiah illustrates the needs of the pulpit and how those needs are met. Nehemiah 8:4-8
30. The Most Courageous Man in the Old Testament – he courage of Nehemiah is everywhere admired, approved, and acknowledged. Nehemiah 1-6
31. The Musical Instruments of David – The book of Nehemiah suggests that the musical instruments used by the Jews in their worship were introduced by King David. Nehemiah 12:36
32. The Reform of Nehemiah – Upon his return to Jerusalem, Nehemiah set in order much needed reform. Nehemiah 13:1-18
33. The Revenue of Renewal – Israel had drifted away from God and was characterized by disobedience and rebvellion. For change, at least three things had to take place. Nehemiah 9:1-38
34. The Ruinous Consequences of Sin – The condition of Jerusalem before the return from captivity was the natural and inevitable fruit of the sins of the people. Nehemiah 1:1-3
35. Tobiah Junk – Our “junk” can cause us to break our promises to God and man. Nehemiah 13:4-9
36. The Significance of Names – Though often passed over by Bible readers, the names are significant. Nehemiah 3
37. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – A lesson from Adam Faughn about the hard-headed people with whom Nehemiah had to deal in Nehemiah 13:1-9.
38. Unanswered Prayers – Nehemiah’s prayer in Nehemiah 1:11 does not seem to have been answered for four months though it was continually offered.
39. Vision – Launching a vision requires a whole-hearted commitment. Nehemiah was committed in Nehemiah 4.
40. When Greed Is the Creed – Nehemiah overcame mockery, discouragement, and combat, but greed stopped the work. Nehemiah 5:1-13
41. When Leaders Act – Nehemiah faced four major problems, but he acted decisively before God’s work was destroyed. Nehemiah 13:4-25
42. When the Lots Were Cast – Nehemiah illustrates how that God’s people must focus on the most important things. Here are four attitudes from Nehemiah 11:1-12:26 that ought to be copied.
43. Workers, Shirkers, and Jerkers – The nobles of Tekoa “would not stoop to serve their Lord” (Neh. 3:5). In any work, there are workers, shirkers, and jerkers.
44. Worship God – When the wall around Jerusalem was dedicated, God was worshiped. Four guidelines for worship are seen in Nehemiah 12:27-47.
45. A Prayer All About God
46. A Sudden Prayer
47. Aggressive Benevolence
48. An Inside Job
49. Bloodshot Eyes and Blistered Hands
50. Building on the Word of God
51. Conceptions of God
52. Cries of Vengeance
53. Dealing with Discouragement
54. Dealing with Distractions
55. Distractions
56. Divine Providence
57. Evil Is Immortal
58. Family Zeal
59. Fifty-Two Days Work
60. Financial Bondage and Financial Freedom
61. Forethought
62. Forsaking the House of God
63. From Faithful Follower to Legendary Leader
64. Getting Our Work Done
65. God’s Favor to Abram
66. God’s Memory
67. Greed Corrected
68. High Men in Low Places
69. How to Turn a Minus into a Plus
70. I Promise
71. I Will Not Forsake God’s House
72. Importunity in Prayer
73. Imprecations
74. Inspecting the Walls
75. Introduction
76. Lessons from Nehemiah
77. Let Us Rise Up and Build
78. Let Us Rise Up and Build (02)
79. Ministers in God’s Temple
80. Nehemiah – A Study in Real Leadership (Summary)
81. Nehemiah – A Summary
82. Nehemiah, a Divine Portrayal of Leadership

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