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Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea

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Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea

 Author: Cory Collins  Category: Restoration  Publisher: Cypress Publications  Country: USA  Language: English

Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea, written by Cory Collins is published by Heritage Press. This good Bible class book challenges the Bible student to revisit the faith, teaching, and practice of the first-century church, to drink deeply, and to draw others to the New Testament’s Christ-centered, life-giving, thirst-quenching message. The thirteen chapters include treatment of the restoration plea, Biblical authority, the testaments, worship, and balance.

Cory Collins, former instructor in Bible, Dean of Students, and Chairman of the President’s Council at Heritage Christian University, is now the pulpit minister of the Keller church of Christ in Keller, Texas. He earned his master’s degree in Biblical studies from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In the early eighties, he taught Bible and English to immigrants from twenty-five countries in the World Trade Center. He has also done mission work in Scotland, Mexico, and South Africa.

Where Fresh Waters Flow is 104 pages and may be purchased for $9.99 from HCU Press at PO Box HCU; Florence, AL 35630 or at the HCU website or You may also call (800) 367-4565 or (256) 766-6610, ext. 305 to place an order.

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