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Wham! Facing Life’s Heavy Hits

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Wham! Facing Life’s Heavy Hits

 Author: Bill Bagents and Laura S. Bagents  Category: Overcoming  Publisher: HCU Press  Country: USA  Language: English

Wham! Facing Life’s Heavy Hits offers a fresh and focused look at thirteen familiar Old Testament stories. It promotes pervasive interaction with Scripture that honors God and welcomes his daily help. Bill and Laura Bagents invite exploration of ways the journeys of Adam and Eve, Noah, Job, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Naomi, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Esther can equip believers to deal with life’s chief challenges.

Wham! Facing Life’s Heavy Hits: Thirteen Old Testament Encounters is 100 pages in paperback and may be purchased for $10.99 from HCU Press at PO Box HCU; Florence, AL 35630 or or An E-book version is also available. You may call (800) 367-3565 or (256) 755-6610, ext. 305 to order.

Dr. Bill Bagents is Professor of Ministry, Counseling, and Biblical Studies at Heritage Christian University. He also teaches Bible classes for the Salem Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama.

Dr. Laura Bagents is Bill’s wife and a career classroom teacher with Florence (AL) city schools. Her church-related teaching has included children’s Bible classes in local congregations as well as adjunct roles with Heritage Christian University and classes for women and children in Albania and on the Western Cape of South Africa.

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