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The Church at Home with God

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The Church at Home with God

 Author: Dan Winkler  Category: Church, God, Revelation  Publisher: Winkler Publications  Country: USA  Language: English

The thirteen chapters of The Church at Home with God are divided into three sections: “The Church,” “The Church with God,” and “The Church at Home with God.” This study of the New Testament book of Revelation was written by Dan Winkler. It is replete with practical applications of the teaching of the only book of prophecy in the New Testament. This is excellent Bible class material for anyone who is interested in how the apocalypse should be understood.

Dan Winkler is a well-known and widely sought gospel preacher and lectureship speaker. He holds a B.A. and a Masters degree with emphases in Bible and Biblical languages. He has been preaching the gospel since 1968 and has taught Bible at Freed Hardeman University. He now works with the Spring Meadows church of Christ in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

The Church at Home with God may be ordered for $8.99 from Winkler Publications at You may also call (731) 535-2337 or you may send mail to Winkler Publications at 103 Erie Circle; Madison, AL 35759.

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