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The Barnabas Factor

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The Barnabas Factor

 Author: Aubrey Johnson  Category: Encouragement  Publisher: Gospel Advocate Company  ISBN: 9780892255382  Pages: 164  Country: USA  Language: English

Everyone can be an encourager, and that includes you! All you have to do is put to use those abilities you already have. You probably know about the biblical character Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement, but did you know that his given name was Joses (Acts 4:36-37)? Barnabas was a name the apostles gave him because of the great encouragement he provided to others. You, too, can become a Barnabas. All you have to do is practice being an encourager. You will be absolutely astounded at what it will do for other people – most of all what it will do for you. Great for personal reading or classroom use.

Aubrey Johnson is an author, educator, minister, and professional speaker on the themes of leadership and abundant living. With a Doctorate in Leadership and a Master of Divinity, Aubrey specializes in combining principles of success with spiritual insight. He lives in Lebanon, Tennessee and ministers to the Old Hickory Church of Christ in east Nashville. In addition to preaching and writing, he is a popular speaker for churches, universities, and businesses.

The Barnabas Factor is available for $8.99 through Chula Vista Books. It is also available through Amazon.

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