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Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb

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Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb

 Author: Coy D. Roper  Category: Ecclesiastes  Publisher: HCU Press  Country: USA  Language: English

In Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb, Coy D. Roper never dodges life’s complexities. Instead, he encourages thorough examination of those challenges. Life’s difficulties and discouragements are unavoidable and substantial – given that, how should we live? How do we cope? Are there time-honored keys to making the best of our time “under the sun”? In thirteen chapters, each including probing questions, Roper invites optimistic exploration of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. The organization and application of Solomon’s wisdom are excellent.

Dr. Coy D. Roper is an author, educator, minister, missionary, playwright, and family man par excellence. From his one-man presentation of the biblical work of Job to his scholarly commentaries in the Truth for Today series, he continues to bless God’s people in countless ways.

Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb is 186 pages and may be purchased for $14.99 from HCU Press at PO Box HCU; Florence, AL 35630 or or You may also call (800) 367-3565 or (256) 766-6610, ext. 305 to place an order.

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