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Baptism: Un-Watered Down

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Baptism: Un-Watered Down

 Author: David Sproule  Category: Baptism, Evangelism, Salvation  Publisher: Independently published  Country: USA  Language: English

Baptism: Un-Watered Down answers the important question: “Is water baptism essential in order for one to be saved from sins?” Instead of basing his answer on hearsay, tradition, family, church practice, or personal preference, Sproule turns to an in-depth study of the New Testament for the answer. The book contains twelve lessons and works well with quarterly studies. It is 8.5 x 11 and written in full-sentence outlines.

Available for $8.95 through Amazon.

David Sproule has been preaching the gospel since 1994. He currently serves as an evangelist for the Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he has labored full time since 1997, after completing his studies in Bible at Freed Hardeman University. David and his wife, Traci, have two grown daughters.

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