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Category: Sermons on Child Rearing
Teach Them that God Loves Them

Children need to understand that God loves them.  Enjoy the full, exhaustive outline.  You're welcome.

Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 92.7 KB Download 99
Teach Them to Love God
It is fundamental and extremely important that parents teach their children to love God.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 34.37 KB Download 94
Teach Them to Keep Themselves Pure
Parents have the obligation to see that children are taught the importance of a pure life as the Bible pictures it.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 32.11 KB Download 91
Teach Them to Defend the Truth
A part of a well-rounded education for our children is the training to stand up for what is true and right.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 64.14 KB Download 89
Teach Them that You Love Them
Parents have the obligation to show their children that they love them, and there are ways that it can be done.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 68.07 KB Download 90
Teach Them that You Love Each Other
Since God set up procreation in the context of husband and wife, it follows that this is the framework for children's obtaining what they need for becoming well-developed persons.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 32.5 KB Download 90
Teach Them Discipline
The discipline of our children involves a delicate balance and four important principles.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 48.86 KB Download 93
Teach Them by Word and Deed
Only when our words teach the will of God and our actions demonstrate that God's will is important to know and apply do our children see God in our homes.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 52.71 KB Download 90
Teach Them about the Church
The church is extremely important to God's way for man, and children should know about it at an early age.
Date 2012-04-29 Filesize 49.76 KB Download 88
Teach Them about the Blood of Christ
In order for our children to get to heaven, they must understand the essentiality of the blood of Jesus and how it is applied to our souls and how it washes away the sins that come between us and God.
Date 2012-04-28 Filesize 42.35 KB Download 90
Teach Them about Sin
Though there is a strong tendency to keep children ignorant about the heinousness of sin, they must be prepared for the onslaught of Satan and be ready for his deceit.
Date 2012-04-28 Filesize 46.91 KB Download 91
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