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Category: Sermons on the Minor Prophets
The Message of the Minor Prophets
The repentance that the Old Testament prophets preached is one of our greatest needs even now.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 32.39 KB Download 91
Hosea, the Prophet of Love
Israel is the wife of whoredom, but God loves the sinful and rebellious nation and pleads, "Return to the Lord."
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 31.83 KB Download 90
Joel, the Prophet of Pentecost
"The Day of the Lord" is a phrase that Joel used to provide the best understanding of his basic message.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 35.56 KB Download 92
Amos, the Prophet of Justice
Amos answered the call of God to call others back to God and away from complacency and idolatry.
Date 2012-04-28 Filesize 0 B Download 91
Obadiah, the Censurer of Ridicule
Because of cruelty and pride, Edom would be completely destroyed.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 32.33 KB Download 88
Jonah, the Reluctant Preacher
The book of Jonah is more than a story about a great fish, a great storm, gourds, or worms.  It is a story about man's relationship with God.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 36.89 KB Download 89
Micah, the Champion of the Poor and Downtrodden
Micah presents God in a courtroom situation with a case against Israel and Judah.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 34.05 KB Download 92
Nahum, the Prophet of Consolation
Nahum declares the doom of Nineveh.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 33.08 KB Download 90
Habakkuk, the Prophet of Faith
God will punish wicked Judah by even more wicked Babylon, but the righteous will live by his faith.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 33.19 KB Download 89
Zephaniah, the Preacher of Doom
Zephaniah tells what God will do because of sin, apathy, idolatry, and atheism.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 35.12 KB Download 92
Haggai, the Prophet of the Temple
The work of Haggai was to encourage the rebuilding of the temple of God in Jerusalem.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 35.62 KB Download 89
Zechariah, the Prophet of Visions
The vision of Joshua the high priest is a picture of the saint accused by the devil and still in need of grace.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 32.81 KB Download 89
Malachi, the Prophet of Preparation
Malachi was sent by God to denounce the practices that were dishonoring to God and His worship and to deliver people from abuses.
Date 2012-04-30 Filesize 37.94 KB Download 91
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