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Category: Miscellaneous Sermons
A Puzzling Parable
One must not think himself "worthy" of some greater reward than another.  All who serve faithfully will receive a just reward, whether the service is long or short, great or small.
Date 2012-05-01 Filesize 32.04 KB Download 92
A Glutton
Gluttony is indicative of a wrong attitude and a wrong manner of life that need to be corrected.
Date 2012-05-01 Filesize 32.02 KB Download 88
A Fiery Trial
Even in the midst of persecution, more suffering may come, but it can be useful.
Date 2012-05-01 Filesize 33.39 KB Download 93
A Christian Family
Great families have at least three things:  salvation, service, and sanctification.
Date 2012-05-01 Filesize 32.69 KB Download 94
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