About Our Company:

Situated in the foothills of Appalachia, Riddle Creek Publishing wears the name of the brook along which it rests. Established in 2002, our young company provides biblically based classroom material designed to assist teachers and their students. With the Bible as the textbook, our topical studies provide guidance through organization, relevant applications, and questions that stimulate discussion. We are currently focused on "Equipping our Teens."

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Riddle Creek Publishing
232 County Road 19
Haleyville, AL 35565


About Our Authors:

Ted Burleson has been preaching the gospel in Tennessee and Alabama for over thirty years. Presently he preaches for the Hamilton church of Christ in Hamilton, Alabama and serves on the faculty of Heritage Christian University. After receiving an AA from Freed-Hardeman University and a BA from Lipcomb University, Dr. Burleson continued his education receiving a MMin at Freed-Hardeman University and also a MDiv at Liscomb University. In May 2004, Burleson completed his DMin at Harding University Graduate School of Religion. His dissertation topic was "Improving Marital Satisfaction in Couples." Dr. Burleson is married to the former Karen Semore, and they have two sons and a granddaughter and a grandson.

Adam Faughn is the pulpit minister for the Ninth Avenue church of Christ in Haleyville, Alabama. He and his wife, Leah, have two children, Mary Carol and Turner. Adam is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University where he earned a BA in history and a MMin. He has served as a part-time youth minister for the church of Christ in Somerville, Tennessee. Adam also served as youth minister for the Ninth Avenue church of Christ in Haleyville, Alabama.  Prior to taking the position as Ninth Avenue's pulpit minister, he preached for the  Lebanon Road church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. Adam is proud that his family is filled with Christians who serve as preachers, elders, Bible class teachers, and song leaders.

Andy Kizer, former Dean of Students and instructor for the Brown Trail School of Preaching, has preached the gospel of Christ for more than thirty years, but most of his work has been done in only two places: Howe church of Christ in Howe, Texas and Ninth Avenue church of Christ in Haleyville, Alabama. He and his wife, Mary Jane, are parents of four sons who are Bible students, authors, gospel preachers, and missionaries. They have ten grandchildren who are being reared in Christian homes. Andy has written workbooks and study guides for youth through adult ages.  He now serves as pulpit minister for the Salem church of Christ in Florence, Alabama.

Barton Kizer has received both a BA in Bible and a MA in New Testament Studies from Freed-Hardeman University. Under the oversight of the elders of the Chase Park church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama, Barton and his wife, Allison and children, Cole, Elias and Celia, are working with a church planting team in the South American city of Cusco, Peru. Prior to becoming a missionary, he worked with the Ashville Road church of Christ in Leeds, Alabama for six years.

Drew Kizer preaches for the Ashville Road church of Christ in Leeds, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham. He has received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Freed-Hardeman University. Drew teaches courses in Old Testament, New Testament, Ethics, and World Religions on the college level and has written several books. He and his wife, Julie, have two children, Ava and Jackson. Drew is proud to be the son, son-in-law, and brother of gospel preachers.

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